terms of service

Article 1 (Member)

1. "Members" refers to individuals who apply for membership after agreeing to these Terms in accordance with the procedures specified by the Company.
2. "Membership information" refers to the attributes of members disclosed by the member and information such as the history of the transaction of members.
3. These Terms are the rules that are applied to all members and protect them after registration procedure.

Article 2 (registration)

1. Member qualification
After agreeing to these Terms, customers who have applied for a prescribed enrollment will be qualified as a member after the prescribed registration procedure is completed. The member registration procedure should be performed by the member who is the member. Registration by proxy is not permitted at all. In addition, it may be refused to apply for membership from those who have canceled membership in the past or other those who have not decided that we are not suitable.

2. Enter member information
When registering as a member, read the input precautions carefully and accurately enter the required information in the prescribed input form. Special symbols, old kanji, Roman numerals, etc. cannot be used for registration of membership information. If these characters are registered, we will change it.

3. Manage password
(1) The password shall be available only to the member himself, and cannot be transferred or loaned to a third party.
(2) The password should be managed by responsibility, such as changing the password regularly so that it is not known to others.
(3) The statement of intentions made to the Company using the password is regarded as a statement of the member himself, and all payments that arise for that are responsible for the members.

Article 3 (Change)

1. The member shall immediately contact us if the matters reported to the Company, such as the name or address, are changed.
2. The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by the change registration. Also, please note that transactions that have already been processed before the change registration will be performed based on information before the change even if the change is registered.

Article 4 (withdrawal)

If the member wishes to withdraw, the member must proceed. After the prescribed withdrawal procedure, you will be withdrawn.

Article 5 (Loss of membership and compensation obligation)

1. When a member filed a false declaration when applying for a member qualification, if we neglected the payment debt by mail -order, or if there were other reason that we were inappropriate as a member, we will qualify as a member. Can be canceled.

2. If the member does the act specified in the following items, we will be responsible for compensation for the damages that we have suffered.
(1) Unauthorized use of member number and password
(2) Including this website, falsifying information, and sending harmful computer programs to this website to interfere with our business.
(3) Activulating the intellectual ownership of the product we handle
(4) In addition, act against these Terms of Use

Article 6 (Handling of member information)
1. In principle, the Company does not disclose member information to third parties without prior consent of members. However, in the case of the following items, the Company shall be able to disclose member information and other customer information without prior consent of the member.
(1) When disclosure is requested based on laws and regulations
(2) If we determine that it is necessary to protect our rights, interests, honor, etc.

2. Regarding membership information, we will manage our company in accordance with our "efforts to protect personal information". The Company shall be able to use member information to the purpose of providing services to members, improving services, promoting service use, and ensuring healthy and smooth operations. increase.

3. The Company shall be able to provide information (including advertising) by e -mail magazine or other methods to members. If the member does not wish to provide information, the information will be stopped if you notify you of the company's prescribed method. However, the provision of information required for the operation of this service cannot be stopped at the request of a member.

Article 7 (prohibited items)

When using this service, the members are prohibited from performing the following actions to members.

1. Legal or agreements, precautions for the use of this service, notes on shopping with this service, and other agreements, etc.
2. Use the rights, interests, honor, etc. of the Company and other third parties
3. Perform acts that may adversely affect the mind and body of youth, and other acts that are contrary to public order and morals.
4. Performing other users and other third parties to annoy and acts to make discomfort
5. Enter false information
6. Send or write harmful computer programs, emails, etc.
7. To illegally access our server and other computers
8. Lending and transferring a password to a third party or shared with a third party
9. Other determining that we are inappropriate

Article 8 (Service interruption / suspension, etc.)

1. In order to maintain the operation status of this service, we may suspend all or part of the service without notice if it falls under one of the following items.
(1) When it is necessary for regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
(2) When the load is concentrated on the system
(3) When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to fire, power outage, and interference by third parties.
(4) In addition, if the Company determines that the system is unavoidable, it is necessary to stop the system.

Article 9 (Change / abolition of services)

The Company shall be able to change or abolish all or part of the service without prior notice.

Article 10 (exemption)

1. The Company is liable for any interruption, delay, cancellation, data loss of data due to communication lines and computers, damages caused by unauthorized access to data, and other damage caused by members regarding our services. Shall not.
2. The Company does not guarantee that the email content sent from our web page server, etc. does not contain harmful things such as computer viruses.
3. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the members violating these Terms.

Article 11 (revision of these Terms)

The Company shall be able to revise these Terms arbitrarily, and also provide the rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Replenishment Terms") to replenish these Terms. The revision or replenishment of these Terms shall be effective when the revised terms or replenishment rules are posted on the site prescribed by the Company. In this case, the member shall follow the revised terms and replenishment rules.

Article 12 (Competitive law, jurisdiction court)

If a dispute occurs in these Terms, the District Court, which has jurisdiction over the location of our headquarters, will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.