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Free shipping nationwide. ( * Including Okinawa and remote islands)

You can choose the following method for payment.

VISA | Master Card | JCB | American Express | Diners Club

Rakuten Pay

Amazon Pay

PayPay (postpaid dot com) is postpayed at a convenience store, post office, and bank

Credit card payment, Rakuten Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPay, and postpaid payment are available. Please use various types according to your wishes.
[To customers who select "postpaid payment"]
● The payment fee is 250 yen. (There is no fee in other payment methods)
● Instead of our shop, you will receive an invoice from Dotcom, which will be paid by the catch ball Co., Ltd., but depending on the delivery status, you may receive an invoice before the product.
* The invoice will be mailed separately from the product.
● Please pay within 14 days from the invoice issuance date.
● If the payment deadline has passed, a re -billing fee of 305 yen (278 yen excluding tax) will be charged for each request again.
● Personal information and ordering contents registered on this site will be provided to catchball Co., Ltd. as long as the credit and claim -related operations performed by catchball Co., Ltd.
● Depending on the trust result, this service may not be available. In that case, please change to other payment methods.
For more information, please check [Frequently Asked Questions].


Morning | 12-14 | 14-16 | 16-18 | 18 ~ 20 | 19-21 | 20-21
We will deliver it by Sagawa Express or Yu -Packet.
If your ordered product does not fit into the Yu -Packet standard, we will change the delivery method to Sagawa Express.
Please check the delivery method from the tracking number described in the shipping completion email.
In addition, there is no prior notice to the customer for the change. So thank you in advance for your understanding.
Even after changing to Sagawa Express, there will be no shipping cost to the customer.
* Depending on your address, payment, traffic conditions, etc. may not be delivered at the desired date and time.
* Yu -packets are eligible for only some products.

[Sagawa Express]
Delivery date and time can be specified.
Please note that if you cannot receive the product within 2 weeks of shipping, you may cancel your order.

[Yu -Packet]
It will be post posting.
Delivery date and time and time cannot be specified, and the address change after shipping cannot be supported.


Due to the nature of the product, we do not refuse returns due to customer's convenience.
Please note that cancellations, returns, and exchanges after opening are not accepted.
Please check the details on the product page etc. before purchasing, and consider purchasing.

For the following reasons, customers who wish to cancel, return, or exchange after completion after ordering within 7 days from the date of arrival.Inquiry pagePlease contact us by email more.
Please note that if you have passed this period, you will not be able to accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges.
1. If the product has a defect
2. When our negligence is delivered from the product ordered by the customer
3. If you order by mistake

In principle, the return fee for returned and exchanged will be borne by the customer, but in the case of defective products or negligence in our shop, we will respond at our shop.

We cannot take any responsibility for secondary reasons. Please note that we cannot accept damages than the product price and shipping fee.


Products that are usually in stock will be shipped within 3 business days from your order.
For products that are partially delayed, we will notify you of the delivery date by e -mail.
Delivery will be only in Japan.
* Delivery schedule, such as Okinawa and islands, may not be available. You can specify only the delivery time zone.


We have to transfer or use important personal information (address, name, email address, etc.) from customers, except for submissions from court, police institutions, or public institutions. Not so.