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    Free shipping nationwide ( * including Okinawa and remote islands) Nekonobix and Paleo Fous are set! Isn't there a lot of people who have become teleworked in the recent situation? Do you send a lifestyle optimized for the times? Fashion is also updated. Prolong the telework manpower! Work hard on teleworking your support and assist!
    [Set buyer benefits] PDCA (Paleo Direction Check Agend) sheet Continuation is important, but it is difficult to continue. To support habitualization I made a check sheet! There is a QR code on the delivery note. Please download it from there and use it.
    Name: Telework Assist Set Contents: NEKONOBIX (Color: Black White Size: S / M / L / Paleo Fous-90 tablets (30 days) Shelf life: 24 months after manufacture (Date is described in the package)